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I’m hung up on F words

All of my missing string come down to one thing: fear. Fear of not:

  • Walking 
  • Stand up from ANYTHING 
  • Working
  • Going broke
  • Crowds
  • Being alone
  • Running into people I used to know 
  • Meeting new people 

So, where do all of these fears get me? Tied in knots, I get no where. I am at a loss for solutions. What I am trying are several things. 

First, I am talking to my doctor on Wednesday. I am wondering if, the physical things–falling, difficulty in standing–could be caused by something with my inner ear. I have tinnitus really bad. Perhaps, the conditionsare intertwined. I have also began attending, and DOING it, an older adults exercise program at the YMCA. Maybe the issue is that my core is weak because of the MS, Lymphedema and I am just not active anymore. The lack of activity is because I was so sick last year, my depression and, taking me back to the purpose of this post, am afraid of being seen.  I hate using the wheelchair. That is purely a mental thing. No one has responded negatively. 

Learning to just be, confidently is the prescription for my health. Learning to trust may be hard but definitely worth the payoff. 

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