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Second usage of the ‘f’ word in the same week. And, no, it is not one of the ages shone above. 

Why do I resist challenges, self created challenges, so aggressively? I just don’t understand. Me.

I challenged myself to create something, everyday, for a month. I successfully did it for….one day. One. Miserable. Day.  

I even tried to figure out a way to say that I did do it, just didn’t post about it or a picture of the creation. Why couldn’t I do that, you know, lie? Because I did nothing yesterday except help my assistant tidy up the shelf that holds my clothes and organize my bedside table. Creative? Not by any stretch of the imagination. 

So, I sit here today and contemplate: start over or double down? I am choosing doubling today. I will be back a bit later to share.

BUT, I did start my give-away challenge. I gave a worry stone to Terry.  So, I am on track for that. Lol, on track. That seems to be the strangest thing to be proud of. 



Life coach, social worker, woman, mom, newly (dis)abled, learning to live

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