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is enough. I believe that I am on the 10th+ post. Posts that are only reiterating all the ‘can’t’s’ in my world right now. But, is that what I want to see, feel, be? All the ‘I cant’t’s’? Is that what I think anyone would like to follow? And, if they do need to read about the demise of D. Mize then theyneed to go on down another road.  Because I have can’t’s.

I can’t:

  • Drive
  • Work full-time 
  • Climb stairs 
  • Walk without the rollator 
  • ……..

This list could go on and on. 

But, what CAN I do? 

I am an advocate for social services. I know resources. I know people. I have people reaching out to me for help and information concerning intimate partner violence, pretty frequently. Those things fill up a lot of good things. 

But, is my only value found in advocacy? I seriously hope not! I have given myself a challenge. Well, two challenges. First, I am going to create something, everyday. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as I do something. Today my creation is: 

I created this as a beginning of the logo for a page that I run called Peacework Consulting. The mission of the page is creating a resource for communities to come together and address prevention of intimate partner violence at the macro level.  All to often services funded to address the problem rely on the victim as the solution. While it is crucial for those being victimized be a part of the answer, to put them in the position of ending the violence is a good example of why it continues. 

Ok, I feel off the ‘I am good at other things that social services advocacy’. Old habits do die slowly. 

I will create and post daily.

The 2nd challenge is to give away something every day. Because my income has drastically been reduced, I will have to be creative. (There I go again with creating)  This will begin in a few days. 

Both are exciting. Both are great ways to perform. With a different vision that what I had a short time ago.  Let the music begin. Or continue. With an adaptation. To me.
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Life coach, social worker, woman, mom, newly (dis)abled, learning to live

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